Our History

A Timeline of Achievements and Milestones

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Second Electric Fleet Launch

On May 24th, 2017 International Landscaping proudly launched it’s second fully electric maintenance fleet, making I.L.I. the largest, zero-emissions landscape maintenance contractor in Canada. This has also allowed I.L.I. to also expand it’s sustainable initiative of growing a greener future.

National Award of Excellence

After receiving the prestigious Dunington-Grubb award within Ontario, this project received national recognition and was awarded the 2017 CNLA “Caterpillar Award of Excellence for Residential Landscape Construction/Installation”. I.L.I. was delighted to receive this award in Calgary and attributes it’s success to the thriving and growing landscape industry focused on professionalism, quality-oriented service and highly skilled trades.

National Residential Maintenance Award

Following the Don Salivan Award from Landscape Ontario in 2015, International Landscaping received the 2017 CNLA “Hort-Protect National Award of Excellence for Residential Maintenance”.


Electrical Team Launch

On June 22nd, 2016 International Landscaping proudly announced it’s most recent sustainability initiative, an entirely electric division! International Landscaping now has the tools and capability to service it’s corporate clients without the use of gasoline that emits greenhouse gases into the air.

Third Dunington-Grubb Win

International Landscaping was awarded it’s third Dunington-Grubb award for most outstanding landscape construction project in all of Ontario. Located in the Muskoka region in northern Ontario, this project blends modern sophistication seamlessly with the natural setting.

Innaugural Don Salivan Award Win

International Landscaping is recognized with the Don Salivan award for best overall landscape maintenance in Ontario. The property originated as a construction project; however, after completion the client turned to International’s Landscape Management department to keep the property looking immaculate.

Awards of Excellence Clean Up

International Landscaping attends the 43rd annual Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence. After submitting ten projects for judgement, International Landscaping was recognized with 15 separate awards of excellence, including two of the most prestigious awards.

International Landscaping’s dedication is recognized as the award winning projects, including the Dunington-Grubb, are featured on Breakfast Television.


Formal Poolscape

Accepting the Global Aquatexture Visionary Award in 2010 for the Woodbridge poolscape project.

International Landscaping’s second entry and second win at the Global Aquatexture Visionary Awards. The Woodbridge poolscape was recognized for its innovative, central, semi­-circular hot tub and adjoining water featuring, upper outdoor dining terrace, and lower pool patio for lounging in this ultimate backyard getaway.


Contemporary Urban Plaza

Downtown urban plaza

International Landscaping receives a Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence in the commercial construction category for this urban plaza located in in the heart of downtown Toronto. The plaza was transformed into a welcoming concourse for employees and passersby. The award honoured the sites modern planters, luscious softscaping, granite paving, and one-of-a-kind glass sculptures.

International Recognition

International Landscaping was pleased to accept the 2009 Global Aquatexture Visionary Award (GAVA). The award honours unique water features and poolscapes from around the world, and this year it included a ceremony in Las Vegas with the opportunity to showcase the project on an international stage.


Asian-Influenced Courtyard

International Landscaping brings home the prestigious Dunington-Grubb Award for the second time for it’s outstanding performance residential construction. The Oakville residential property incorporated a main courtyard area with oriental inspired outdoor pavilion and adjoining outdoor kitchen, central focal point water feature, gas fire feature and affording views of the lake for all vantage points.


Leading the Industry

Ice melting truck and treated rock salt.

International Landscaping prides itself in always being ahead of industry trends. As ice melting liquids and liquid treated rock salt were first starting to get the recognition they deserved, International Landscaping pioneered their use in the GTA.


Diversifying Clientele

International Landscaping professionals planting shrubs outside of a commercial property.

Having specialized in residential construction over the past decade, International Landscaping bursts out of its comfort zone with its first (with many more to come) commercial construction client.


Return on Technology

International Landscaping's main office with it's new personal computer.

With the purchase of a personal computer, International Landscaping embraces the rise of technology in the workplace and the benefits it can bring.


Making the Move

To accommodate for current and future growth, construction and preparation begins on International Landscaping’s new head office.


Inaugural Dunington-Grubb Award

Our founders accepting the Inaugural Dunington-Grubb Award.The North American Life Centre commercial complex was the site of International Landscaping’s inaugural Dunington-Grubb Award winning project. The site was being recognized for its exquisite landscape appeal, immaculate property maintenance and colourful seasonal displays.


Snowy Expansion

International Landscaping's first snow plow.In order to maintain full, year-round service to clients, International Landscaping keeps its doors open for the first time during the winter season and expands into the snow management industry.


Business Blooming

International Landscaping's first real office and greenhouse.With the business blooming after two years of operating out of the basement of a house, International Landscaping constructs their first dedicated office and greenhouse.



International Landscaping is Founded

Since its foundation as a small family operated business by Baldo and Santo Gucciardi, International Landscaping has grown to be one of the most respected full-service landscape companies within the green industry.