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Unique outdoor environments can be created by integrating a wide range of beautiful, local, natural stone or the rich textures of exotic hardwoods.


Thoughtful plant selection and arrangement add colour and texture. Low maintenance strategies can be incorporated to minimize longterm care requirements.


We can help develop an overall water management plan to conserve water while protecting your investment in a new or retrofitted irrigation system.


Energy-efficient lighting can be used to highlight planting design features and architectural focal points while increasing the safety and security of your exterior environment.

Water Features

Naturalized rockery ponds, bubbling stone features, and other creative elements provide a calm and visually impactful sensory experience.

Pools & Spas

We partner with elite pool and spa professionals to incorporate features such as elegant infinity edges, water effects and spectacular fire elements.

Landscape Enhancements

The integration of accent decor, sculptural pieces and seasonal elements provide year-round visual interest and aesthetic value.

Green Roofs & Walls

We are a certified LiveRoof installer and can design and install vibrant living walls or green roof spaces.

Already have a design?

We’ve worked with many landscape architects and clients who have already have completed designs. Let’s connect and discuss our next steps.

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The Build Team

Our skilled Build Team works diligently to bring your design from computer and paper to life! All of our staff members are safety-trained and proudly wear the International Landscaping uniform. Our staff frequently go the extra mile to make sure that your experience is positive. For example, we try our best to leave the job site as tidy as possible each night. It’s a small thing, but it we know you and your home deserve the best treatment.

Markets in Southern Ontario

Many of our projects are in the west Greater Toronto Area such as Oakville, Milton and Mississauga. However we don’t stop there! We’ve done work in Muskoka and internationally.






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