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Snow clearing services

We’ll work with you to plan ahead and have a solid strategy before the white stuff hits the ground. And when the snow comes we’ll execute that plan promptly and safely.

Anti-ice services

We are proud to be industry leaders in organic, biodegradable, ice-melting products that reduce environmental impact.

Snow relocation

To maximize the number of usable parking spaces, we pre-designate areas for snow piles. After a large snowfall we offer immediate on site relocation or can transport the snow to an offsite location.

Storm damage response

Unexpected damage is never fun but we can help you recover your outdoor space quickly and safely.

Safety + Sustainability

Our highest priority is protecting our clients from dangerous conditions and ensuring access to buildings and businesses. This inevitably leads to a large amount of salt application, a practice that is detrimental to the environment and to the property’s infrastructure. We use innovative, effective methods to reduce our salt usage.

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Embracing the data revolution

We invested in expertise and infrastructure to improve our data collection pipeline. With this data, we can make informed decisions with our clients and provide better service. We measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Organic Waste Diverted From Site, Material Usage, Emissions Usage and Tree Canopy Coverage

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We love Environmental Initiatives

Organic alternatives

We provide de-icing products based on organic beet juice. Beet juice is less corrosive and increases the efficacy of rock salt. Salt brine is effective down to -6 C, while beet juices continue to work down to
– 28 C!

Remote monitoring services

Real-time images and information such as air and pavement temperature allow us to monitor the unique conditions of your site and ensure safe conditions on your property.

Automated reporting

We use GIS mapping to generate an inventory of your site. We track the health and maintenance of your property, allowing a higher level of accountability and an improved ability to follow the environmental impact of our service.

Proactive site management

The most significant impact a snow management company can make on its salt usage is by being proactive. Anti-icing by treating surfaces in the hours before a weather event can reduce salt usage 5-fold.